Program schduled to send mail .

Hi All, I am trying to write a routine which runs on its own at a scheduled time everyday. The program will read a table and save the content of one field in a text file. It then sends email reading email addresses from another table. This job has to be sheduled to run everyday at a fix time at a gap of 24hrs. I am trying the most basic way by using the timercontrol feature of form. Can anyone suggest a better way to write a scheduled job in Navision. Just for info…I am using 3.10 Ver. Awaiting really fast replies [:)] Meenal

Hi Meenal I hope is not a better idea to use timer control as you know the timer control can not be stoped so it will alway perform the itteration unncessarly. If you find any alter native please let me know. BR srdihar

Hi Meenal & Sridhar, First of all, timer control can be stoped in between.In VB also it can be done. Meenal,If you want to run the routine at a scheduled time at each day, run the routine on server only. Regards Nitin Patil (Direction Software Solutuions)

Hi Nitin, Thanks for the suggestion. But I want to know how it can be run on the server ? Are there any jobs which can be scheduled like in SQL Server? Pls let me know at the earliest. Thanks in advance, Meenal

Hi Meenal U can make that control in VB6.0 with timer control, amke EXE file and keep it in Batch file with Server only, Also while making VB file give timer control as 1 minute or 30 Sec with interacting to server, Once server start give it to Server startup or manualy u can run batch file. It will run automatically. Thanks

Hi Nitin Patil I though of using timer control in Navision itself. I don’t think that they are using VB. By any how thanku very for reply. Can I find essntials training material (navision ). if u can send please send me BR sridhar

Hi All, Has anyone worked on Job Scheduler in the Service Management Module? It provides the functinality I am looking for ,but I need to map my company’s calendar for scheduling jobs…which is not possible in Service Management? Can we have some knowledge sharing on these topics? Awaiting replies, Meenal