Proform order sales figure report


I need to run a report which shows me all the invoice sales for JAN 2013 for proforma orders. All the reports i am running shows me the figure of the proforma order when the payment has been posted (the prepayment invoice date) I need the report to show me the sales as a figure when the order was invoiced (not when the prepayment was posted)

E.G Proforma Order for £5000 - payment was taken on 31st Jan 2013 (payment posted on the system with cash allocated off)

The order didnt get invoice til 02/02/2013 as thats when the stock came in (the invoice generates as a £0 value invoice as the payment has been posted)

When i run a day book or sales report to show me the total that was invoiced for a certain month its showing the figure for when the prepayment was posted not when the sales was invoiced.

How do i run a report which shows me this?? Hope this makes sense!

Same as Proforma orders is not a standard in NAV, then there is also no standard reports for proforma orders.

You should ask you consultant/developer to create this report for you.

Well if you are look in the standard NAV Order form, in there you can find Invoices for that Orders.

Order Button ->Invoice.

You can build a report on the same base.