Profile Implementation

Hi, A simple real life problem, … but how to implement it in Navision ? - I buy profiles in pieces (pcs), each pcs having a length of 10 meters (m) - Customer buys some construction, engineering knows they need 31 m of profile for this construction - I can cut the profiles in lengths, and keep them in inventory, lets say I’m intrested in keeping track of this in lengths of 0,5m : so I have 0,5 - 1 - 1,5 - 2 - … - 9,5 - 10m I do not really like to create 20 items per profile type to store the different lengths. I could go for “1” item, and create variants for the size. Going to the SKU level, I could set a different value for each length (which is good), and have a good eye on inventory using inventory by variant forms and so on. On the SKU I could set the 10m variant to purchase and the the others to blank. So what would happen : - item is created for the construction, which uses profiles - a BOM is created, where one of the components is the profile with 1m as variant, the bom is linked to the construction item - production is initiated Suppose we do not have 1m profiles in stock : - the operator uses 2 profiles of 1,5m and 1 of 3m - I could do with the fact that the user does not post the consumption of the 31m variant, but he manually changes to 21.5 m + 13m variants. - I could do with the fact that -since this stuff is cutted- the user needs to post negative consumption or output for 20,5m + 12m variants. Now what is worrying me : - how is MRP going to react on all this ? - if I have no 10m SKU’s on stock, I do not want an order proposal if I have lengths on stock which are larger than the lengths I want - if I have no 10m SKU’s on stock, I do want an order proposal if I have lengths on stock which are not larger than the lengths I want Can this be done with some small modifications ? Is there an add-on or small component available to accomplish this ? Do I need to consider other things, which makes it even more complicated ? Thanks and bye for now.

Nobody ?

Hi First what is the time delay between loading the production order and the operator deciding not to use the components but using equivalents? Depending upon this is the answer to your MRP question, if it is lengthy it will tell you to order them. The alteration of the actual consumption is not an issue, you just alter the lines. MRP will plan around the item number, and you have chosen to lump everything under one item number. You will need to modify the MRP routines to handle your requirements. You may want to post this in the developer forum, or re-think your approach, as an example can you do this through the UOM alterations to reflect your sections, what you will not get is a view of how many 1.5m lengths of the item you have. I would talk to developers, with a feel of what I want the system to process and present, and let them tell me the best approach!

Hi, A short but maybe useful comment. You have three options avalible: 1. Registrer each RM (with diffrent lenght) as a RM or Semifinish goods. With this solution you will have full visability. 2. Have one RM number and use lot tracking to record the diffrent lenght. If above is not sutiable (like I think in your condition) you will have to accept the limitations to not have full control of the lenght variations of your RM. 3. Create one RM but multiple variants (Useing the variant code) to represent the lenght. Use this variant code when procureing the RM and posting consumption. Additionally you could create an additional RM (or SFG) who represent none standard lenghts which you can post none variant too. This amount RM you will always have to manage visual. Good luck, Henrik