Profile ID combination

May i know if i have Profile ID A: YY - XXXXX Profile ID B: YY - ZZZZ if i wish to combine this two profile ID can i indicate Profile ID combine as: YY - XXXX/ZZZZ ?

If is cannot, how if i want this user have the combination of Profile ID? need create seprately?

Hi Beginner (don’t you have a real name - that’s normally what we use here on DUG),

Are you think about combining/merging two role center profiles?
If yes, then that’s not possible as such.

You could have a developer combine the actual role center pages into one new role center.
But that’s a part of the profile id, most is the actual customization of the individual pages.

There you have to “start” with the profile, that matches what you want the most, and then manually re-do these customizations. Remember that the customizations are not doing in the Development Environment, but from the Windows client, using the configuration startup parameter.

Hope it cleared it up a little for you.

Dear Mr Erik,

My Real Name is Yan. Let me try to change the name later. Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day to you.

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Hi Yan,
You’re welcome, I was just thinking if you got known as “Beginner88”, then what when you no longer is a beginner? [:)]

But you’re welcome. Sorry couldn’t tell you just know to combine two profiles. I have actually wished to have that functionality a lot. But there’s really no shortcuts.

The only alternative could be to actually just continue to use both. If you use one of the startup parameters, then you can “force” the client to start with a specific profile id, no matter which profile id, the user actually is setup to use.
So this way the user could be switching between the two profiles. Maybe not a permanent solution, but may help you.

Hi Mr Erik,

I guess i need at least 3 years to run out from Beginner user, too wide to learn on Navision.

I am now checking the information difference between Role Center ID and profile ID, because the user have different profile ID but sharing same role center ID, so when configuration change is change profile ID but not role center ID right. So what is the purpose sharing the same role center ID?

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Yan Fun

If you have two profiles sharing the same role center id, then each profile id, may actually “customize” each profile individually and have them look very different. The profile customzation’s are stored in the profile, while only the code/programming is in the role center objects.
And you may have customized many other objects than the role center.

Dear Mr Erik,

Thank you very much. You help me a lot on this. I understand now.

Have a great day to you too.

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