Product's net weight unit

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On form product detail. We have a field is net weight.

So I have to get unit of net weight.

How I can get it. Help me please.

It is in inventory unit.

look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTable\Methods\inventUnitId

Hi Karanthi

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But on case inventory unit is box, paper…(that is not weight units)

So on this case what is net weight unit?

Look here for the description of Net weight field,

The weight is based upon the Units configuration. So in Organisation Administration >> Setup >> Units>> Units you have your units of measure listed. In here there will be one that has the unit class of “mass” which is a list of your Units referencing weight. One of these will have the “System Unit” flag checked. The system unit indicates the “Unit of measure that is applied when a measurement or quantity is entered in fields in Microsoft Dynamics AX that are not associated with a specific unit of measure.”

Basically if you add your weight in kgs then on the kg unit tick the system unit. However the choice is yours!

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But i have a problem. when i"m not set system unit for unit class “mass” then what is unit of measure will be applied.

If you have not set it the system does not know, so anything you enter is whatever you enter, you cannot tell from a system perspective, so the user could enter 10 and 100 which could be 10kg or 100g you would not know, but the user would.