Productivity of Attain and Axapta

I am evaluating both products Attain and Axapta for an implementation. Can anybody out there knowing both products give me some info concerning productivity, i.e. if a certain module has to be created from scratch and it would take e.g. 100 hours in Attain, how long would it take to do the same work in Axapta? Needless to say that the skillset of both teams is identical, and the module really has to be created from scratch… I know it’s also a “political” question. Regards, Denis

Almost same just couple of hours up and down. As I have been working on both the products from last 2 years. And have experienced doing the programming in both of these and have found not much difference. Jagjeet

Hi Singh, I have been working in Navision only. I heard Navision Axapta has higher complexity/features than Attain on the functional side, is it the same on the Technical/Development side? Regards

Search for the topic “Attain and Axapta…a ‘political’ question” from 2002-02-28. Or use this link:“political”+question&Forum_Title=Attain%2FFinancials+-+Developer+Forum

Hi hanif, yes Axapta do have higher complexity/features than in Attain Same is in development. But once you get into it and puts your hand on to the system. Everything is as easy as a peace of cake. :slight_smile: Jagjeet