Production Work Order Bar Coding

Can anyone tell me who to contact or what to do to be able to capture work 
orders in real time using bar coding or some other data system within 
Navision 4.0?

You have several possibilities.

  • Search for an add-on in Microsoft, if there is anything that fits your needs.
  • Modify ADCS to support your features.
  • For one customer that I’m implementing none of these solutions were considered. Because it’s for a logistics company that assembly mobiles phones boxes for a European mobile phone operator, and weren’t any vertical solution for that kind of business and business can’t stop even the Navision stops working. (offline support, etc).

If I were you I definitely would go for add-on or ADCS.

Manufacturing has asked for a way to track the WIP in real time in order to get accurate reports. For instance, is it possible to have a bar code print out on the work order so that production personnel could scan that at the start of the work order and then scan it again upon completion. We are searching for that type of capability. Would the ADCS functionality allow for that or does that pertain to strictly warehouse/inventory applications? Our current work orders are just based on an estimated time entered into the routings. Any links to add-ons from partners or companies offering this service, or anyone who has done this in house would be helpful. Thanks.

Yes, you can do it in Navision.

For what you are describing you can do it in ADCS. (You must ask your current partner to develop it)

For example, for the previous described project I have taken another way. Instead of using ADCS has developed an application in .NET for mobile devices, allowing the mobile device to sore data temporary offline if it couldn’t communicate with Navision.

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