Production using mold

I have one scenario. One machine uses one mold to produce product at one time. But there are several kinds of mold can be used at one machine. The mold ties to product. When I do production planning, I need to know when a specific mold is available, or where it is used. How to settle this problem in Navision? thanks

Well, it seems a dificult problem. Perhaps you can define as machine center the machine and as other different machines the molds. So you can have a number of “molding machines” in one machine center and several machine centers tied to each mold. In the routings you can use the parallel option, so you have in parallel the “molding machine” and the mold. They are used simultaneously so the operation does not finish until both operations finish. So if you limit the capacity of both you can handle busy machine or busy mold situation. As the mold is tied to routing, it is tied to the product. Where is it used? well you have the information of which routing is loading the mold. I do not know if it works, I hope it do ? Best regards,

Thanks. Martin. I think it’s a good solution and it can work. Actually, the planning of capacity of tools is a common issue in manufacturing. Why Navision doesn’t provide a way for tools planning? Or it has, I have not found yet?

Diego, I am at present trying another way.Almost the same as you said.HAve not gone farther with that, Yet am in a set up stage. I have defined the main machine as a work centre and defined dies(molds in yr case ) as machine centres.This I feel provide better control as all the molds usable on that machine can be attached to it. However, I might face a problem when a die which can be used on 2-3 machines comes into picture. Which one is better?Pl. comment. Regards, DD

Dharmendra, I think that if the dies or the molds are tied only to one “molding machine”, then the solution you proposed is the best. You can check the option “Consolidated calendar”, so the load on the machine is calculated as the sum of the loads of the different molds. But if the “tools” (molds, dies, etc) can be used in different machines, then there is a problem. For being able to do that the relationship between work centers and machine centers should be many to many type. For implementing this on a RDBS, an intermediate table should be used with two fields, one pointing to the work center ID, and another pointing to the machine center ID. THen the process to find out availability of capacity should be: first, in the routing the “tool” as a machine center is loaded (this is navision standard) but then extra funcionality should try to allocate capacity from the work centers that are linked with this tool looking up in the previosly mentioned table. But I suspect that in that case the standar treatment of “consolidated calendar” activated or not can not be used. Well these are some ideas “written on the fly”, I hope this helps, BS

hi all of you, Nice topic and of my interest too, i am a plastic engineer and have worked in this scenario. In a plastic manufacturing company(which i know well) this is the situation , there are injection machines of diferrent tonnage which determine which molds can go on it. 50 ton machine can have small molds on it. 100 ton machine can have medium … such bla bla bla. So a machine is fixed and molds have relationships defined that on which all machines it can go. so it will be better that you have a relation ship ID of machines associated with the molds that is Mold 1 – M/C1, M/C2, M/C4 etc… Now there can be more than one machine of same capacity so the above relationship holds true in this case. The mold should be associated with an item so that when production planning is to be done on that item, u get a link to the mold(s) and from molds u get the list of M/c’s on which it goes. So once u get that link u can have a look for which m/c is idle or which m/c will be free early so that the planning process can occur. NOTE:- Now there can be one or more molds for same item so this relationship can be item1 - MOLD1(A), MOLD1(B), MOLD1(C) now we can here have the machine configuration set like this MOLD Versions Machines MOLD1 A,B,C M/C1, M/C2, M/C4 Also there a molds in which two or more different items can be manufactured which consituent to a family of item. i hope i have written in detail but not given the attain solution … as i dont work on attain. My friend Dharmendra is much more experienced & talented guy on attain. thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar

look at Products, Plastic injection

Hi, As you know Attain has Standard Tasks and Tools Setup. We setup Molds As Tools and assign them to routing lines using standard tasks. We setup machines as Machine centers. We also developed report that shows Tools usage by Time Buy Machine Center and highlight problems. System does not plan production by Tool but show all conflicts in planning. We do not 100% follow system recommendation. We use system for production planning based on 1 week time bucket. Then shop floor manager dispatch production orders on the floor.