production type showing None Ax 2012

Hi Friends,

I create one product through relese product, then I went

to Manage Inventory in the Action Pane. nd select default order

type is Production.

After exit from this , when Im looking this product its not showing

Production type is BOM. its showing None.

Where Im doing mistek??

I came to know that for BOM we have to approve. for this

we have to go to Engg Tab on Action pane. then click on lines

add the items nd approve .

but when I Click Engg on Action pane Lines buttom is deactivated

why its not showing active,

BOM Lines is deactivated when the type is not BOM - can you show a screen shot?

Hello Ravi, for the item you are creating first you need to go to Engineer section (not the action panel but the Edit form.

Here, the Production type field is the one that is going to define that this item is Production type=BOM or one of the other possible values (formula, co-product, etc).

Next, once you have this item created as BOM, you can create a bill of materials for it, with its components and finally yes you need to approve and activate the BOM so you (Production) can start using it. The Lines button you mention is deactivated because Production type=None, when you change it to BOM or Formula, it will be activated and then you can add lines.