Production Set Up

The company I work for makes complex machines. The completed (parent) item needs approximately 85 subassemblies to complete. We have approximately 10 shop personnel engaged in fabrication, welding, and assembly. The personnel are cross-trained and may not build the same subassembly each time. I need to set up work centers and routings correctly to accomplish the following:

  • The work orders are generated in the correct build sequence
  • The next available worker can choose the next work order (without the work order being firmly assigned)
  • The production BOMs, routings and work centers combine to produce an actual time schedule

Currently, each of the 85 subassemblies are treated as their own item, each having their own Production BOM and routing, and each routing has to be assigned to a person (as the work centers are defined as production personnel). The way it is set up is just not working very well and I need to configure the system better. I can provide more details if anyone has suggetions. Thanks.

Can you tell us how you have configured this currently as there is no point in suggesting what you already do, and why is it not working? Why was the decision made to make the work centres personnel not production areas? Are these currently fluid per build then as you have multi-tasking workers? What modifications have been mafe to the system in these areas?