Production scheduling


When updating the status of a production order directly from “Created” to “Started”, job scheduling should automatically happen with the scheduling direction always being “Backward from delivery date”. But instead the system seems to default to “Forwards” scheduling direction. I can’t seem to change this. We are currently getting around the problem by using a two step process that is annoying some of my staff, as shown below:

Step 1: Production order > Update > Job scheduling
Step 2: Production order > Update > Start
We do not want to have to do step one as this should happen automatically when doing step 2 AND use “Backward from delivery date” scheduling direction by default.

Any idea?

What are the default values set to in the periodic job scheduling process? Are you 100% sure there is the capacity to backward schedule, if there is not in then goes forward.

You must check the scheduling process values in the setting profiles. There must be different attributes for both. It seems that for your device the default is set for the forward period.

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