Production scheduling/jobs/routes training material

Hello everybody, I’m looking for some training material focused on standard operations done (production related) by a company that is using production scheduling, using route/jobs posting, It would be perfect if the material covers from the setup to the operative use the user would give the system. Like a step by step guide even showing what the expected results should look like.

Any link or pdf would be appreciated. Also any on-line training.

Thanks a lot,

Does this help? There’s quite a bit of info out on TechNet on Production.

Thanks Tyler, I was using this material but find difficult to follow real life procedures vs. AX procedures, I made the setup, but couldn’t find a way to properly do the testing and validate different scenarios. Many thanks anyway!

Not sure something like this even exists, if they do they reside with individuals. I only tailor it to requirements, and when learning I try to imagine previous customers or previous businesses I work with, but I do all of this on system, I don’t document, by the time I did it would be obsolete :slight_smile: