Production Scheduling in Ax2012

Dear All,

I have one resource group, it consists of two resources.

Resource 1 - will produce 2000 Nos per hour

Resource 2 - will produce 3000 Nos per hour.

Now i want to produce 5000 nos against one production order, for scheduling i will use both the resources. So if i use two resources i can produce 5000 Nos per 2 hours.

If system plan any one resource based on Qty - 1 and load 100, in the route master: based on that system plans as mentioned below

If system plan Resource 1, the total run time of production order -2.5 hr

If system plan Resource 2, the total run time of production order -1.75 hr

How to configure this functionality in the system.

Note: In route master if i use resource group for scheduling system is showing same time for two resources in job scheduling.

Can any one help in this regards.



State on the route that the quantity of work centres required is 2 assuming there are 2 in this group and you want to run it across both.

Dear Adam,

Work center 1: 2000 pcs / Hr

Work center 2: 3000 pcs / Hr

Total Production Qty is 5000 Pcs

But each work center having different capacity, but it is showing same time to complete the process of any workcenter.
my concern is “it should be different”.



I presume you are on AX2012 CU7 and have posted in the dynamics forum? Looking there my response was that there is an issue when scheduling a group with resources with different stroke rates. Looks like a bug to me that needs to be reported.