Production Schedule Errors


My client is experiencing various problems with the production scheduling tool (Gantt server) especially when attempting to close the tool and save changes. The 2 most common problems are :

  1. An error message stating ‘Another user has modified a production order since you opened the production schedule. You may have to reenter your changes’. This error is occurring even if no other users are in the system.

  2. An error message stating 'System error: -2146823282

The platform is Navision v5.00 GB running on SQL Server 2005.

Any help with these 2 errors would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jonathan,

It’s quite some time ago since you posted this question, but your post still stand as open. Have you found an answer or solved your problem?

If yes, then I would hope that you would share the solution with the rest of the user group, so that we can close the topic and mark it as Answered.

Thank you.