Production Route Question

I have a question on how times are entered on Route. (Released Products / Engineer / Route).

I got the routing to calculate correctly on the production order by trial and error but I’m not sure I’m doing it the proper way. So here is my example.

I have a operation that every 3.077 mins I can create 1,000 units.

I have set the Process Qty to 1000, Run Time to 1.0 and Hours/Time to 0.0513. I got this run time by dividing 60 mins / 3.077 to give me 0.0513.

If go and create a production order it does calculate correctly but this doesn’t seem right. Is there a better way to go about this?

A second question is when I add 60 to the Setup Time to add 60 mins for the setup, I’m not seeing that on the Routing Jobs. Is there something else to get this setup time on the operation?


Usually a business will define run time in a set time metric, whether this is hours or minutes (ignoring capacity driven resources). If it is hours then the Hours/Minutes is left as 1, if it is minutes I recommend the Hours/Time is set to 0.0167 and then the minutes entered, which in your case would be 3.077.

Check the routing group settings and check the configuration of the setup time.

So I tried a few configurations and here is what I found.

If I have Run Time of 3.077 and Hours/Time of 1.0 the Route card shows 3 hours and 4 mins.

If I enter Run Time of .3077 and Hours/Time of 1.0 the Rout card shows 18 mins.

If I enter Run Time of 3.077 and Hours/Time of .0167 the Route card shows 3 mins. Exactly what I want, 3.07 mins to run this task.

So setting Hours/Time to .0167 then setting Run Tim to the desired mins gets me what is needed.