Production resources allocation for Mold, Machine and Tools on AX 2012

Dear All,

Does anyone can explain how to configure production resources in AX 2012 to meet our requirement below, in plastic industries; we are using mold, machines , and tools as resources in production.

I.e. Product “A”, has two mould, so we can produce product “A” using mould Mould-A1 or Mould-A

“Mould-A1” only runs on machines below

  • ARB2202
  • KM300
  • ARB-9
  • KM3002
  • KM3003

“Mould-A2” only runs on machines below

  • ARB-8
  • ARB-9
  • ARB-10
  • ARB-11
  • ARB-12
  • ARB100
  • ARB1005
  • ARB1004

In the example above each mold have specific machines to run on, both mold can run on “ARB-9” but most of them have different machine.

Each machines has their own tools, and some tools is interchangeable with other machines.I.e. ARB-9 has tools “ARB-Tool1” & “ARB-Tool2” these tools can be use as tools in other “ARB machines”


how AX 2012 able to handle these case?, How to configure it? does anyone has experience implement AX in plastics industries?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you