Production - Report as Finish values does not show Material + Labour


I am new to Production area.

I created a BOM with 1 item and a route with one operation

I did post the Picking List and Route journal

Finally I did the Report as Finish and Ended the Production order

In the Production Order – View – Production posting I am able to see the following

Type IIP/WIP Amount

Material 10

Route consumption 14

Report as Finish (Good quantity 1) 10

Costing (Costed Amount) 24

I think Report as Finish should have a total of 24, correct me if I am wrong. In case I need to see 24 at Report as Finish stage which settings shall I change?


Thomas Philipose

In production parameters you have on the general tab in the report as finished section a “use estimated cost” flag. If this is ticked your RAF value will match the value you estimated your production at (note not what you actually produced in WIP). If unticked (it has been a while so check) it will use the cost of the parent item on the released product/costing version etc. Note this is a temporary revaluation, at the end process it reverses the 10 in your case and updates the ledger with the actual cost (unless standard costing then it uses the standard cost!)