Production - Quantity - Deliver Remainder like AP?


I am wondering if anyone knows if the Production module has a similar function to the ‘deliver remainder’ function within AP for POs.

Basically, we often have Production orders in place, say for quantity 10, however, it becomes know that only 5 can be completed. Rather then resetting status and updating quantities etc, we would like to keep the original ordered amount for history, but mark them a ‘0’ delivery for whatever reason, then supplied delivery of 5. So whenever looking at the order, it shows that 10 were originally ordered, but only 5 were finished for whatever reason.

The deliver remainder function in AP works well, and I wondered if something similar was in production?

Im using the old AX4!

Many thanks


Actually delivery reminder such field is not available.

In 2012 there are two fields called as “report as finished” and " remaining report as finished".

If you post RAF journal with selecting “report as finish” check mark then " remaining report as finished" will be zero.