Production Posting.


In the Production Order, what is the financial entry will post while doing the RAF and what is the setup?

Expect your valuable response.


Have a look at here,

Dear Kranthi

Thanks for your response. I verified the setup as per the post it is correct. But still i’m not getting the voucher details while doing the RAF.

Let me know exactly what is the prorblem?

My setup as followings.

in the Production Parameter and Inventory model group i enabled the Post picking slip voucher in ledger


Have you actually enabled the post report as finished in the ledger?

What is your costing method? What is the cost?

Are you using the estimated cost price for the report as finished process?

What happens when you end production?

Dear Adam

Yes, i enabled the post report as finished in the ledger in Production parameter.

We are using Wg. Avg. costing method.

We are using estimated cost price for RAF

We are expecting the RAF should pass the voucher for finish good value while doing the RAF process.


Please end production and tell me what happens.

Also what is the post estimates periodically set to in stock management (do not believe it impacts anyway).

Any modifications?

What is the price calculation telling you on the order?