Production planning (Machine center and Raw mat)M)

Question 1. A sales order for 10 items is received. The last date of delivery is 31.Dec. We have 3 Work Centres having 2 Machine Centers each. Each machine center runs 8 hours a day. There are no holidays. The 10 items require 240 hours each to produce. We use all the machine centers to produce them. Total time required for production (10 x 240) = 2400 hours Capacity of Machine Centers (3 x 2 x 8) = 48 hours Total days required to complete (2400 / 48) = 50 days Order Delivery Date = 31.Dec Production Ending Date = 30.Dec Production Starting Date = 10.Nov (50 days prior to 30.Dec) A released Production Order is created. Another order is received with the same spec and same delivery date. Since the Machines are already booked between 10.Nov to 30.Dec, new production dates should be as follows … Order Delivery Date = 31.Dec Production Ending Date = 9.Nov Production Starting Date = 19.Sep (50 days prior to 9.Nov) But, Navision plans the production the same way as it did for the 1st order, even though the machines are booked for a specific period. We are creating Production Orders (Simulated/Planned/Released), but none of them gives us the desired result. The setups whereever required is done properly. Any suggestions? Question B A Finished Item (FFF) requires 3 Raw Materials (R1,R2,R3) of 200 kg each. 100 kg each of R1,R2,R3 are stored in a godown (GGG). A Production Order is generated to produce 1 unit of FFF, which means 200 kgs each of R1, R2 & R3 are required for production but we have only 100 kgs each in the storage. Can Navision tell us that 100 kgs each of R1,R2,R3 are to be procured datewise to execute the Production Order. Planning Worksheet tells us the requirement as per production order i.e. 200 kgs each, but since 100 kgs each are already in stock, only 100 kgs more are to be procured.

Hi As standard the program assumes infinite capacity from what I remember of this area - sorry very rusty on the capacity side! I think you can define them in the capacity constrained window to help with finite loading. As standard the program plans orders with the same item numbers and due dates at the same time and the scheduler uses the task list and load windows to adjust the orders starting and ending date fields. With regards to your second question the components will always be required at the location the order is produced on unless you tell teh system otherwise - you have no stock at FFF so the system tells you to order 200kg. You can get around this in two ways depending upon your requirements - set up the SKU card for FFF to use components at GGG. Or set up the requisition system of the items at FFF as trasfer from GGG and then the system will tell you to transfer the 100kg to FFF and order 100kg at GGG assuming of course your requisition method and order modifiers are all set correctly [:D]

Hi, The first question, as SBWEAVER says, is due that Navision works under infinite capacity. We have a registered module that allows you to distribute automatically the load between alternative machine/work center in order to avoid having at the same time and machine more work than available. It is the FCS, used all over the world since 1999 and upgraded each year for growing with Navision. About the second question, it is a matter of Setup, as SBWEAVER explained. I am sending you the information to your email. Best regards, Susana