Production parameter field definitions

Dear All,
The section route card/job card journal on tab journal of the production parameter set
up contains 5 fields from mandatory cost category for qty to update capacity plan.
The field definitions are quite confusing to me, they are as follows:

  1. automatic report as finished.
    there is term " feedback" in its definition from help window, what does it means ?
    is it actual output of the last operation ?
  2. update capacity plan
    what does it means “the operation automatically reschedulles backwards from the current
    ending date and time when route card posted” ? if I have created time and capacity
    for a machine/work center, e.g. 1 day = 8 hours, machine qty is 2, then capacity will
    16 in the capacity load window. if the machine assigned to a routing with 3 hours in
    means the available will be 5 hours, after the routing posted, the machine will have
    capacity back, won’t it ? what is the funtion of the field in the parameter ?

I appreciate your answer so much. tks.


Hi again Andreas,

The report as finished function (RAF) is when you actually declare production ie you say at a particular moment in time, this quantity is now manufactured and you can enter it into stock and declare the costs associated with the production order.

I personnaly would not have the general set up tab noted as ticked (automatic report as finished) because it would be better to do it via the default settings for the RAF function during the production order process .

As for point 2, your assumption is totally correct.


Just a precision Monty, on the costing part

In Dynamics AX4.0 (I still assume Andreas is using Ax 4.0), the costing of the production is done and updated when you “end” your production order. Meaning that the report as finished release the production on the floor, but as for the finance side, it is not close. You still can have a costing, but it will use the estimated cost that was used all over the production process…

The financial cost will be effective when ending the production (update status ending). So, with RAF status, the transactions are posted in the physical vouchers and with Ending status, transactions are financial…

Yep, you’re right Magali, I agree.

I didn’t specify it clearly enough but the financials aspect is only done with ‘end’ - thanks for the precesion.


Dear Monty,

tks for your answer, I’ll check it.


Dear Magali,

The term RAF seems only reported that the production output and consumption has been posted using related journal. I am using AX 4.0, So, whenever I didn’t end the production order the actual cost is never created, isn’t it ?

It seems clear now and the topic can be closed because the points I have understood. A/w tks a lot for ur answers.