production parameter "automatic update" defination

Dear all,

In Ax2009, Production parameter> “automatics update” tab page, there is a group for “automatic execution”.

In this group, i am a bit confuse with the usage for :

  1. Automatic BOM consumption

  2. Automatic route comsumption

For the above 2 setting, i have try to set Route group dependent, Flusing principle, Never and Always. How this setting impact on the production order?

I though that this is the default setting which will auto populate the production order “Update> Start” but i can’t see the different.

What is the funtion of the field in the parameter ? I appreciate your answer so much. tks.



It will impact on the start, but it depends upon teh settings, so if you set this to flushing principle and it is start and you select to post the picking list now it will post it (if it can). So basically they work in tandem with the start, but it depends upon your parameters chosen at the start.

However you do not have to start a production order, if you were to report as finished from released it would look at this setting as well when automatically starting and post appropriately.

Thanks Adam. i tested and it follow the production parameter setting if i report as finished from released status.