Production orders scheduling

Hello everybody!!

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to link several finished products, to their correspondent bulk production when scheduling?

This is the scenario:

BULK1 is consumed by FINPRD_A, FINPRD_B

When scheduling the orders I would like AX to place FINPRD_A and FINPRD_B after BULK1 order is finished (best of all 5 hours after BULK1 order starts if possible).

Can this be achieved?

Thanks a lot!

Why if BULK2 is a component of FINPRD_A and FINPRD_B would the system NOT link and schedule in this manner?

Hi Hector, It sounds like we may be working in similar environments as I am dealing with this identical issue. I have set up the following for process manufacturing and perhaps this will help you.

I have set up “Bulk Item Conversion” for each of the packaged finished goods in the Inventory and Warehouse Management (Setup → Formula). It is also necessary to specify the Bulk Item on the formula for each of these finished goods.

This allows me to “Firm and Consolidate” the planned orders together, and then manage as a Consolidated Batch Order in Production.

In my case, I am processing the bulk batch and the finished goods packaging at the same machine resource and initially job scheduling was starting the bulk and each pack order at the same time (I am not finite scheduling). To address this I set up Sequence Values / Sequence groups in Master Planning (Setup → Sequencing). Then need to set up Sequencing in the Planning tab for the bulk and finished packaged items to establish te order in which you want the products run in the consolidated batch. By doing this, I am able to achieve the sequence I want when the planned orders are created, and production jobs follow this sequence when I firm the consolidated batch.

Have you attempted any of this setup yet? Mine is a work in progress at this point and I have certainly not perfected my planning and scheduling using these methods. I would be interested in your feedback as well as you go forward.

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When I did the scheduling forward from today, the three orders started the same day, considering the bulk takes a whole production day, the finished product orders should have started the following day of the bulk…

I could change the previous situation scheduling backward from delivery date, the fnished product was requested for August 1st, so their production orders were scheduled for July 31 and the bulk for the 30. But the truth is that as the bulk becomes available, 5 hours after its production starts, it can start to be packaged.

Hi Kurt, I have already created the Bulk item conversion also, but I think you are working with AX 2012 R2, that is going to be the version that I will use in the real scenario, but for now I still don’t have R2 available for this testing.

I’m using Firm and consolidate also.

In my case I have different machine resources, an extruder for the bulk, and packaging machines for the finished products, so I’m not sure if sequencing is going to help me with the relation bulk-finished product, I think it is going to help me with sequencing bulks, bulk product1 (white), bulk product2 (white and pink) and bulk product3 (pink).

Do you think it could be a way of using sequencing for schedule the packaging (in the packaging machine resource) related to the bulk production start (which is other resource)?

I didn’t model sequencing yet as I don’t have R2 available, I’ll be in touch when having all this in place. Thanks for share your case!

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Hi Hector. Yes, we are working with R2. I have not yet started modeling the scenario where we run bulk on one resource and then move to a different resource for packing. I do have that situation in the plant so I will be looking into it shortly. I will let you know what I find…