Production orders - output but do not want to change status want to close

Using Navision 5.0

I created a production order - refreshed - did the output journal and posted but then found out I entered it in error -

I have not changed the status to finished so it sits in WIP (I have a bunch like this before I realized what we were doing) and of course this holds the wip value in the gl and when I do a valuation report it is different than what is on the gl for inventory (shows in the valuation wip report )

is there any way to clear these items so that the value goes back into the inventory total ?

Hi Deborah,

I’m not totally sure, but I think that you should be fine if you apply your output-postings with a neg. adjustment. Maybe run adjust cost item entries after your posting.



Not sure how to do that

could you step by step on how to apply output-posting with a neg adjustment

probably simple but I’ve never done it

Ok figured it out - pretty simple thank you

Of course it’s easy, it’s NAV - everyone can do it :wink: .

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Ok not as simple I get an error

Applies-to entry must not be 0 in item journal line journal template name =‘output’,journal batch name=‘default’,line no. ‘1000’.

Ok, when you posted your output you created an item ledger entry. Just copy the entry no. of the output you want to reverse and enter it in to “applies-to entry” field of your journal line.


the production order number I am trying to clear is 104085 for a quantity of 4

so I entered into output journal the order number, item and -4

I went to applies entry - then I selected the prod order tab and selected ledger entries, item ledger entries and found the entry no 26786

I put that into the applies entry

I ran test and got : when posting will open entry 26786 e will be opened first

said ok and it seemed to have worked but the production order is still sitting in released production orders ? will this go away or will it stay but I have reversed the hold on inventory in the gl ?