Production orders - Items to be delivered to Shop floor


Once the Production order has the status as STARTED ; Picking list gets generated. Assume that a particular picking list has 10 items and the Production Engineer needs only 6 out of it. How shall he convey this to the Warehouse team?

Can we generate an OUTPUT order with the required 6 items? or something like this?

How does Organisations manage these type of scenarios?



Link the BOM to the routing step, create the picking list for the operation and for the quantity defined.

Thanks Adam,

For instance, 1st operation needs 10 qty of ITM01, but if the Production Engineer needs only 5, then how shall we do this?

Also how about informing the Warehouse team? Should they constantly keep check the Picking list journals available in Production module?


Thomas Philipose

It really depends upon the process and how we map AX to it, so what does the production engineer do and why is he making the decision he only needs 5 - surely he needs 10 otherwise why are we making 10? However if he has that power he starts production, for operation 10 for quantity of 5 this produces the “request” for 5 on the picking journal. How this is then communicated depends upon responsibility and process again. As a simply example the production engineer could walk to the warehouse team with the printed picking list and hand it to them to action.