Production orders history

Hello everybody! I have a situation where the customer is asking to upload his historic production orders that were handled in Excel spreadsheets for the last 15 years as finished work orders for information purposes.

Is this possible, should I have any special consideration? The scenario is in AX 2012, but any comments on doing something simmilar in AX 2009 would also be apreciated.

Many thanks and regards,


Why? If it is for information/analysis put it into a separate cube/DB to allow reporting, no great argument to spend months worth of work trying to get it all in and back out again, especially when in AX it will be in a completely different structure and format.

Becouse they would like to have it in the same screen of the current production orders… so they can filter item X and see past production, quantity reported, dates, etc. The cube would be a second option, it depends of what it takes (time & money) to upload the info as work orders…

It is possible to do so. But imagine you have to create 15 fiscal year in AX; you need to go through a lot of hard work to do it. beside do the production order need the historical record like the route transaction and material consumption?

I would resist it if at all possible - how often will the press the button and what info does it give in comparison to AX required structure when this will take a lot of time to get the data in the required format, and a long time to develop into the system.

We will deploy a cube for it, thanks a lot!