Production Orders from Planning Work Sheet

I have a customer who would like to consolidate planning by machine line by utilizing routing. If that is the correct method.
Here is situation
Line A = 5K @ 3 production orders
Line B = 10K @ 2 production orders
Line C = 7.5K @ 3 production orders
For a total of 8 production orders.
All lines feed from one source location , I will call this “Cook”
When running the planning worksheet the result is 8 separate production orders for the lines. This is correct.
Planning worksheet is also creating 8 separate production orders for the Cook location.
Utilizing planning parameters I can get this to one bundled requirement for all 8 lines on one Prod order.
What they want is to have 3 separate production orders, one for each line calculated to what “Cook” needs to provided.
Line A = 5K to cook as one prod order
Line B = 10K to cook " "
Line C = 7.5K to cook" " "
Is this doable in BC 365? If not does anyone know if a possible work around through reporting or other configurations?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



We are talking about the Replenishment Policy so here are some examples:

Scenario 1 (Order policy):
IF you have two (2) Production Orders (first is Qty 2 of Item A; second is Qty 1 of Item B), then you will get two supply suggestions for the raw material, one for each Production Order.

Scenario 2 (Lot-for-Lot):
IF you have two (2) Production Orders (first is Qty 2 of Item A; second is Qty 1 of Item B), then you MIGHT end up with a single supply suggestion, IF the raw material demand falls on the same day. You would get two supply suggestions IF the raw material demands falls on different days (and they are farther apart than your Lot Accumulation Period).

If you have three (3) FG Production Orders, each with a quantity of 1, you’ll want to use Lot-for-Lot and use the Lot Accumulation Period to try to group the demand. It will all depend on the raw material date as to whether you can get any grouping. You would need to understand that it would be highly variable based on other Production Orders scheduled on the Machines.

Hope this helps.

I think this is the same request we responded to a few days ago. It sounds like your testing has shown you the two possible options, which Steve clarified again. The Lot-for-Lot is going to be your closest option, but as Steve pointed out it will be highly dependent on the timing of when the material is needed.

If you are concerned with the quantity being produced at a time, remember you can use the Order Modifiers to control the variable suggestions and give the system structure.

This is a similar to the previous post but since it did not function as noted in the response, I elected to create a new thread with expanded information. The recommendation above dose not provide the outcome needed as it dose not group to the next level down.
Lot for Lot has been examined, Accumulation period has been examined.
All production happens on one day, multiple lines run at one time, production orders generated for the “Cook” center can be either one (1) lot for all production orders or separate for each production order (8). The ask is to have one group per production line in this case A,B, C. as noted in the above or (3) prod orders.

If you want it to group by Production Line, you’re going to have to add some custom fields and logic to make this happen. I would suggest creating a separate (copy of) Calc. Plan process, so that you can always revert back to the original capability of the system.

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