Production order


There is some setup missing at in the prodution order coz of which production is not working properly.

In production order when we will click on start button one form will open, than in that form at the end of the line there will be check box named start production, here for all user it is coming uncheked it should be checked for all users how to do make it checked for all users.

production order->start production-> form will open there one field will be coming cheked(but here it is not checked).

Please prly asap


In the Production Periodic Update option go to start and then default values and set these, unless you want to do it user by user.

Hi AdamRoue,

Thanks for your rply.

Is there any way that for all users i can put the default values at once because here 300+ users are working and its really tough to do for all users.

and suddenly from yesterdy this problem is coming. do you have any idea how it ll get changed for all the users.

please rply ASAP

If you set it in the periodic it should be for all users, but you would need to check the usage data for the users and whether they have something else set.

thanks adam