Production order

Hello friends,

I have a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Our sales order is linked with the production order. We are using forward flushing with our production orders. the problem is that once we create the production order, we are unable to change the item number. i understand because there is an entry in item ledger and raw material has already been consumed.

Our order entry people can make a mistake and put in the wrong item number or the customer calls back and makes changes to the order, which would require us to change the item number. Could someone please tell what do i need to do so i can change the itemnumber. I understand it will take some coding, but what and how is the question.

I think i have provided all the information but if you need more information to help me, please let me know. I would appreciate any help you can give.

I would recommend you do not try to do this, instead look at the procedures and why you are doing things in this manner before you even attempt to go down this line.

Firstly why are you creating the production order linked to the sales order, at what stage are you creating it, especially if the changes happen a lot.

Why are you forward flushing?

What happens if anything is reported against the works order? Where are your controls and what stages if you attempt this are you drawing a line under?

You would need to reverse all capacity ledger and posted item entries, then update the item record on the production order, refreshing and replanning everything, but there are lots of considerations depending upon your processing and requirements. It is a nightmare really [:D]

We just started using Navision, it was our implementers who suggested we go with forward flushing. I think if there are no journal entries made, then we should be able to make the changes easily.

can you tell me at what point does the backward flushing pulls the raw material out of inventory?


If you have a regular need to alter the actual item you are making it seems strange to forward flush, if your process gets that far you really then struggle to do anything, of course it maybe you are creating released production orders at the wrong time, which would obviously forward flush the items. It is difficult to comment without having been there, so it may well have been the best decision.

However you could set the flushing to manual, the production journal will prepopulate everything when you come to report output, so you just post it at the same time as output. Backward flushing reduces inventory when the order status is moved to finished. I would probably go manual and post the consumption at the same time as output, give it a try [:D]

I am also not sure how you are creating and linking the production order to the sales order as this will also have an affect.