Production order with one item supply by customer

Hi All

I want to make the production order of one item (Finish Good) in which one of the raw material is supplied by the customer itself, how can i define this item (raw material) in BOM or how can i do this in AX as i don’t have to capture the cost of this raw material in my Finish good.

Please advise, thanks in advance

Create the item with zero cost, transfer it to the consumption point. I presume you have to track inventory and show it is consumed so no ability to add it as a non-inventory item, so treat it as a zero costed item.

thanks Adam for your reply.

What i got from your reply is, i will pass the movement journal with zero cost and with the qty that will update the qty only notthe cost and then this item i can define in the BOM and create the production order and in the production order the cost for this item line will be zero, right.

You have not mentioned, how does this need to be handled from an accounting stand point in the other part of supply chain?

As long as the item is not used at a cost elsewhere there will be no cost impact or costing implication, it is a true item not the companies but needs to be fully tracked.