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In the production order, after end of the production order when i am click on Price calculation under enquires, and under overview costing tab, there are two terms “estimated” and “realized”.and how the values are coming mean on what basis. In Estimated it is coming from the BOM Line but for “realized” one i am not getting as it is coming almost the twice(only the raw material(BOM)). Please tell me.


one more thing under price calculation form, under costsheet we have two mode estimation and costing. For estimation the value is coming from the purchase as we have select the purchase price as the cost price model in calculation group and same in the alt.

But from where the cost mode is picking the value.

Is it correct to select the purchase cost in the calculation group as i want to calculate the cost on purchase price.

please advise me.

pls define your process…

system working fare as far as cost concern…

estimated is bom cost and realized is actual cost

for Purchase price is concern…it is depends on your industry and requirement…

Realised depends upon your costing method and dimension group setting, not to mention your item settings and the settings you have already mentioned… Find one and investigate it, this will clarify it for you.

Thanks you for the post.

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thanks Hardik for replying…

What do you mean the actual cost…i got the estimated cost, which i am getting from the purchase price and the quantity used in BOM line.

My Processs is, actually my client have a bakery production unit. And i am costing the products on Purchase price, which is coming fine in estimated cost. But from where or on which calculation the system is giving the realized cost.

i only want the costing based on my purchase price of my rwa material.Please advice me the setup for this.


System gives realized cost on Actual consumption of Raw Material (by picking list Journal)

If you want to use your purchase price as your total cost then, On your raw material Item detail ,on setup tab = Latest Purchase Price = Yes, so sytem will take last purchase price for this raw material when estimating,

how ever when you Pick raw mateiral syste tak Cost price into account (you can see this on item card= on hand cost price)

that is not 1 set up for costing a lot of things should consider to achive direct material cost

pls test your bom and pord order in some test company with new data and test it with 1 by 1 posting

I think whatever be define in the BOM line through the picking list journal, we are picking that only then what is the defirence between realized and the estimated.

from which area we can check the realized cost as i have chked the item cost price is zero but still their is some amount.


Prod order>inquery> production posting,

check material comsumption and see inventory> vouchder transactions… for actual posting of rawmaterial…

in raw material item pls chek price

ok that i have checked and it is same as on calculation form. And i am still not getting from where the realized amount cost is coming in the costing report this value is coming. And i want my costing whether estimated or realized on the purchase price. Can u suggest me from where and which areas i have to check for this.

One more thing i wouls like to discuss, as when i see the costing sheet on the calculation sheet form i found, under code column blank,description blank and under total there is the amount.But it should come infront of material cost, then what i did i just make one group of cost from Inv mgmt/setup/BOM/cost group.And attached this group to all raw material in item master. now it is coming under the material row but the total material cost is blank. Can u also suggest this.


Design your costing sheet to reflect this, you have added a cost group and not put it into the costing sheet design.

My advice on the other is to strip it back with a single line BOM, book two in at different costs, not using standard, and then run it through production, this will show you the inventory cost difference away from any quantity impact.

it is giving the realized amount cost on the basis of “Inventory Model Group” and i define the Weighted Average so it is coming on that basis.