Production Order Table locked

Hae, While releasing a production order an error pops up, The operation could not complete because a record in the Production Order table was locked by another user.Please retry the activity. Please advise.

Hello Matahi,

Usually a record lock situation is temporary and will clear up quickly. Someone else might be trying to update that same order at the same time, or a process like Adjust Cost - Item Entries might be locking that record, or perhaps some one was working on that record and then their system hung or session ended abnormally.

If it doesn’t clear up within a few minutes, someone with some SQL knowledge maybe able to track down and end the offending task. Restarting the NAV/BC services will also clear up the issue, but if anyone else is connected to the system, they will lose their connection when you do that.

Also you can look in BC on the page “Database Lock”.
There you can see the table locks