Production Order Scheduling.

Hi, Current date is, say 26th,Feb, 2004 and a Sales order for M-T-O Item is created with delivery due date say, 10th of April,2004. When I create a Production Order using Planning functionality available in Sales Order, the Production Order will be created with Starting and Ending dates in the Past. ie before 26th, Feb, 2004. Can anybody suggest as how to make the system not to consider the past dates(though the capacity of M/C and W/C might be available in the past) and always take current date into account while planning? Thanks in advance.

Hi The planning should schedule back from the demand. What is the planned delivery date on the sales line? Are you sure it is 10/04/04 - it certainly works here. It maybe an item setting - what is the reordering policy of the item?

Hi Steven, Thanks for the reply. Will you please elaborate your reply a bit? I understand, the Reordering Policy(Lot-For-Lot, Fixed Quantity, Order) is basically to decide the quantity to be ordered rather than to decide the scheduling dates. As such a bit of explanation with an example, will help the things get clarified. Thanks again. Vijay.

Hi Vijay What I am saying is that it works the way you want it to, therefore you have not set your item, or order, up correctly. If you tell me your item settings and version I will load one up the same and see if anything different happens. I also presume you are running on non-modified code in this area.

Hi Vijay, your problem should be the calendar. Do you have 2004 calendar for the Work Center (or Machine Center) you are using? Elena

Hi Elena I think if he had the dates on the orders and item settings correctly, but the calenadar did not exist it would say the calendar is not valid for 10/04/04 rather than planning it into an earlier calendar period.

When there are no calendar for the delivery date, in previous version, if I remember well, the creation failed with an error, now it creates the Production Order with the correct due date but planned backward from last date in the calendar.