Production Order Scheduling Time is not updating

Hi All,

Am facing an issue in production order. when am trying to do operation scheduling. When I am trying to do operation scheduling start date & time and end date & time is updated in general screen(I.e Order home page) But at ROUTE SCHEDULING Screen and Resource Capacity Screen it is not updating the Time. It is showing start time as 12:00 am and end time also 12:00 am.

I have setup calender and also attached the calender to resources.

Please help me with this issue. If am missing any setup or is it Microsoft Bug. If yes, is there any hotfix.


operation scheduling does not schedule time based for route scheduling - it is date based only, you need to job schedule to enable this - operation scheduling is date based only.

From Technet: After you run operations scheduling, the status of the production order is Scheduled, and all operations are scheduled in the order that is specified by the production route. However, only the duration of the operation is considered. Start times and end times are not scheduled.