Production order Routing line

Does anyone know the purpose of the ‘Schedule Manually’ field on the Production Order Routing line? Is it just a descriptive field? There is no online help for this field. It does not exist on the actual routing line, only from within a production order. I have checked Navision 4.0 and there is still no online help for this field.

Hi Margie I hope this helps:


Users can see and set the field “Schedule Manually” in form 99000817 Prod. Order Routing (the field is hidden). When they set a value = TRUE, the planning engine won’t calculate all operations, but will use this logic: - the system doesn’t change Starting /Ending Date Time → these fields must be changed manually - the difference (Ending - Starting) must be greater than “Setup Time” + “Move Time” + “Wait Time” => “Run Time” isn’t used - if user has change Starting Date-Time manually then ONLY PREVIOUS operations will be replanned - if user has change Ending Date-Time manually then ONLY NEXT operations will be replanned Please remember that users are responsible for having capacity which is needed for a production of the operation. Example: 10 PCS of any Item, all times are in MIN Operation No., Start Time, Ending Time, Setup Time, Run Time, Move Time, Wait Time 10, 14:00, 14:20, 10, 1, 0, 0 20, 14:20, 15:00, 20, 2, 0, 0 30, 15:00, 16:00, 30, 3, 0, 0 Sched. man = oper. 20 now we change Ending Time to 14:40:01 (Setup + Move + Wait = 20 min) < (Ending Time - Starting Time = 20:01 min) You can see that we have only 1 second for production 10 PCS!! And of course Starting Time of op 30 is replaned to 14:40:01 and Ending Time to 15:40:01 (the operation 10 hasn’t been changed)

Thanks for your assistance, that explains it clearly. Regards Margie