Production Order Route card printing error


I am working on Ax 2012 R2.

I am getting below error while selecting the print route card for selected production order.

Production control -->Common–>Production orders -->All production orders

The I have selected the status as “Released” then I clicked on release button as shown in below

it will open below dialog


after giving criteria when I click on Ok I am getting below error.


Kindly suggest i am new to these module.

The error is been thrown by this method, \Classes\ProdRouteCardController\setRange.
The caller dataset is different than what the method is expecting in your case.
Are there any changes to this report? Try to debug.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for your reply.
The issue got resolved after adding below line of code in the above mentioned method in first IF condition

if ((this.parmArgs() && this.parmArgs().dataset()) && !(this.parmArgs().caller() is ProdUpdRelease))