Production order posting issue.


when am posting my RAF am getting following error in Productiion order in ax 2009.

Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status.

The items are Sold, Deducted or Picked.

please suggest me how to solve this issue.

I guess you reduced your production quantity which was higher than the current quantity. Ex: suppose your production order is for 10 qty raw material required to produce is 20qty. you posted the pick, now you reduced your production order qty to 5 and trying to do the RAF.

As the raw material is already picked by calculating to produce 10 qty. system is not allowing to post the RAF. Just a wild guess, let us know if thats not the case.

On the RAF process what are your picking list settings? When did you chose to post the pick and how? Is there a conflict? Have you tried the accept error (temp fix)