Production order posting error


I am trying to post the production order mean i have just start posting by clicking on start and when i click on OK button it is giving dimension error.Actually i put mandetary in the Chart of account to put the department Dimension. I have put the dimension department while creating the production order.

Production: 00000003_085

Calculating BOM consumption

Posting - Picking list journal

Journal: 000001_084

Voucher: 00000001_086

Dimension Department must be specified for account 11810001.(This is the raw material inventory Account)

Dimension Department must be specified for account 31110001.(This is the COG raw maetrial Account)

please advise me where it is wrong.


So you need to define the required dimensions in the picking list journal/BOM to post successfully, which means if you are auto-consuming they need to be on the item

thank you very much Adam , it realy helps me.

I have very similar situation.

  • Production: 00

    • Calculating Bom Consumption
      • Picking List Journal
        • Journal: 375043_111
        • -Line no: 2.00
          • -Item Number: Z1265
          • Inventory Dimension Location must be specified

We have set a default receipt location on the item (in warehouse item), but it is not comming over to the BOM line on the Production order as other items do. We have several bom lines for this produciton order and all other items in the bom perform as expected, but this item is not working as we hoped.

We can get the production order to post upon seeing the error by adding the location, but we’re unsure why the location is not defaulting like the other items in the bom.

warehouse item record for the warehouse on the BOM line? How is the BOM set work centre consumption or defined warehouse?

Not clear on your first question, but the BOM line does have the warehouse set.

BOM set to - Defined warehouse.

Thanks, Shaun

If it is set the same as the others with a default warehouse item and the others are working then not sure I can help, although you said receipt location? The components will come from issue/picking on the item warehouse record.

Yes, these items are set to require both warehouse and location based on their dimension group. We set the default warehouse and the default location from the item master. On the item we go to the setup button and then the warehouse items. From warehouse items we’re able to set the default warehouse and default receipt location by size, color, and config.

We’ll continue to explore how the items on the bom which are working and those that are not working are different. I’m sure we’ve set something incorrectly.

Thanks for your help.


The BOM will have the dimension combination, check this exists in the warehouse item record, I know you believe it does, but this is the only difference so verify it.