Production Order paperwork

Is there a base AX production order printout that can be used as a shop floor traveler that will show me what, how much was ordered, and what workcenters it should be going to? I am not seeing any report other than the picking list.

Thanks in advance.


You produce this paperwork at the release stage, job card, route card, route job are the selections from memory. The pick list is created when you physically start it due to the stock implications, the production paperwork can be produced far in advance.

I dont have “Release” as an update status/stage. Am I missing something. I have Created, Estimated, Started, RAF’d, Ended. Do I need to turn something on to get the released stage?

Thank you for your reply.


If it is removed from the parameters as a status update stage it would only grey it out, so I would guess you have modified it out? Are you looking at a customer database?