Production Order list report separation

Dear All, I would like to ask you about the separating of production order - list based on its status. I’ve seen the production order - list report but it lists mix production order status in one page, I would like to separate it, if I run prod. order - list report without filtering its number and status, the report generated will display mix prod. order line per line, but I want like as follows: No. Description source no. qty ------------------------------------------------------- Status : Firm Planned 10100 Cabling for LS-100 C-100 5 10101 item sub-assembly A-100 5 etc… total 10 ---------------------------------------------------------- Status : Released 10102 New item W12 W1211 4 10103 Parent item A1 A1201 4 etc… total 8 --------------------------------------------------------- Status : Finished 10110 Good item q1 Q1111 5 10111 Sales item M16A1 WS22 3 total 8 Will it possible to create or changes the production order - list report like above form ? If yes, could you tell me how to do it ? tks a lot beforehand rgds, Mark

Hi there, If you are talking about R=99000763 (Nav 4.0 Sp1 I’m using). Go into the DataItem=Production Order, property: GroupTotalFields = STATUS (It was “No.”) Go into sections insert 2 new ones Group Header and Group Footer (F3). Insert new fields in the Group Header/Group Footor: STATUS. Create some variable now or use the TotalFields=Quantity property in the dataItem. Copy Quantity to the Group Footer section. If you want a Grand Total, insert a new FOOTER (F3), just Paste that field QUANTITY. The system will do the rest. Good luck,

Dear G’Fuentes, tks a lot for your prompt reply, I will inform after I tried. rgds, Mark

Dear GFuentes, All, It worked good, tks for your explanation, although, your explanation is only a hint and I’ve made some new modifications and adds some codes and fields relate to total quantity of remaining, finished and quantity fields. But the placement of the new fields won’t be known without your reply. However, I’ve found a finished production order but the field of finished quantity is empty (not finished yet but the status is finished). I set 3 fields used as a summary of quantities involved in the production order for all status as follows: finished quantity field : Quantity-“Prod. Order Line”.“Remaining Quantity” Quantity field : quantity (from field menu) Remaining Quantity field : “Prod. Order Line”.“Remaining Quantity” But I am doubt why navision consider the finished quantity field is filled meanwhile it’s actually empty. Pls let me know why and how to solve it… rgds, Mark