Production order - G/L accounts


I am getting confuse about the Production order - G/L accounts .

Work Centre group - > Ledger Tab

Accounts WIP

WIP Issue

WIP account

Accounts - Costing


Offset account

Can you explain about the above accounts .

a) what is the difference between item Posting( In Inventory management) Vs Ledger Posting ( In Production ) ?

b) what is posting configuration and cost categories ?

Could you please give the menu locations fo the fields you want further clarification on and the software version?

Thanks adam ,

Work Centre group - > Ledger Tab and AX version 2009

GL Posting for Inventory and Work Centers is quite different.

Inventory Posting is done for materials issued and receipt from Inventory

Work Centers posting is done for Machine and Resources’s time spent in particular production order.

Okay so I will reply to the original question not the second post [:D] There are some really good explanations form the past that are still valid.

These relate to the routing and routing costs. These will only be called depending upon the ledger posting setting in production parameters.

WIP issue would be considered Labour offset and WIP Account the offset to this. The costing happens at the end.

The best way to understand this is to process a production order through step by step and examine the ledger entries.