Production order details-"end"

Hi all,

I have the situation where it is regarding the Production Order Details.

When we got through the production cycle which are complete must go through the stages from :

estimation>>operation scheduling>>release>>start>>report as finished>>end

But i have question if the user just only stopped or forgot on the end of month as: report as finished in production order

cycle, what is the impact or problem which will be if we doesn’t put the “end” in that production order cycle.

if no impact, can we put the current month or previous month to close as “end”

If can give some guidance or suggestion on this issues



End removes all of the WIP transactions and creates the true end inventory cost. So at month end accounts would see a high WIP and the inventory value may alter but the accounts would see this in an overall picture. The answer depends upon the production process and costs added post report as finished and the accounts departments requirements on WIP and finished goods.

Thanks, Adam for the information.