Production Order AIF services in ax 2012

Hi Guys,

I have a task of integrating AX production orders with a Sharepoint server.

They want a serach fucntionlaty where in there front end the Invent Site id’s will be displayed(this will be pulled from AX).When the user of Sharepoint selects the Site id in their front end then the Production orders with that site id should be displayed.Also when the production order is estimated in their sharepoint server then in AX also the same should be updated.

I dont have any experince in AIF.Kinldy help me out.

As of now.I have created a Query with datasource Prodtable & InventDim(relations-yes).I have run the AIF wziard.Created a service groups & added in the Inbound Ports form.Then I wrote a class in C# by adding the service reference.With this C# i Can create,delete,update teh ProdId.But I am not able to search the production orders based on SIte Id.Aslo hw the siteids will be displayed in their Shareopint server.Need to craete a different query with only InventSite as datasource.

Kindly help.Also any link as how they will access the ax tables in their sharepoint server if they want to access AX tables data.

Kindly help

Don’t you want to use Enterprise Portal?

Or the Query service for searching? You also can create Custom services.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply.

I cannot use the Enetreprise POrtal as they have some third party system whcih uses the Sharepoint.

U suggested about the query service & custom services.I have used the document service .Will document service NOT suffice the purpose?

& what is the diference beween these three services.Also when I run the AIF wirzard from tools-AIF-create document servcie-I ge an error saying Dict object not initliazed.& the classes are shown whcih are yet not generated by the system.

Also the wziard does not geenarte the required classes.Can you please help me out as how the searching of InventDim in productionj order will take place…Any help will be highly appreciated.

You can do it with a document services, they’re just pretty complex. Using a simpler service may be easier for you to develop and more efficient for running. But the choice is yours - I don’t know all your requirements.

You’ll find many answers for general questions in AX 2012 Documentation Resources for AIF and Services.

How do you model the document service and what’s the call stack of the error?

Hey Martin,Thanks for the reply.

You are the only hope (forums) for fresehrs like me.

there are couple of questions

1.I created a cusom services.Created a class.Wrote a method to display all production orders


public list getprodorder()


list result=new ist(types::string);

prodtable ptb;

while select ptb



return result;


I created the service & service groups & nw the url is also shwon in Inbound ports form.(System administ-Setup-AIF-Inbound ports).Nw i give this url to team where they have sharepoint server.They add the service reference,When they code in their sharepoint,they can access the method…I mean they get the method.but when they call the method,they get an error ""no method overloading with 0 arguments.Since teh above method doesnt take any parameters.How will they call method in their sharepoint serevr,tried also calling by get getprodorder(null),bt it doesnt help.How to resolve the error.I invoked the same frm WCF form & it runs proerly.But in sharepint the method cannot be accessed.

2.In case of document services-The wizard generates some AXd classes by defualt.The wizard stops in between & says the "Dict object type not initilzed’& in infolog stack shows all the axd classes whch are yet to be generated by the wziard.So cant debug

3.Martin,I want to like u in Axapta.tell me best way to learn AX.I visist forums.But ax is so vast i dnt understand hw do i start & frm where?

  1. Don’t just try some random parameters - check out how the method is defined by the service client. You’ll likely find that it accepts a single parameter of CallContext type.

  2. Sorry, I can’t say what’s wrong unless I get more information.

  3. I would say that the most important resource, and too often ignored, is the documentation. You’ll also find many examples directly in AX - cross-references is a great tool for exploring them. And if you work on integration with other applications, you should understand basics of WCF and .NET in general (there are many great web sites and books about it).