Production line entries NOT visible


I am using NAV 2009 - MSSQL mode.

Now, I’m creating a Firm Planned Production Order.

Step 1. Completing all the revelant info at the header level.

Step 2. Entering item, quantity, UOM etc… ---- on the item lines

Step 3. Click on functions – then click Refresh.

At this point – I expect to see the updated Porduction lines - giving me the break up of the subassemblies. But, its not happening that way… I still get the same screen as in Step 2. (with one line item)

I have read in the manuals that after performing the Refresh operation (Step 3) NAV updates the production line items.

Please confirm!

Best rgds,



Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

Check that the item you are using has a “Production BOM No” in the replenishment tab of the item card. Also check that there are lines linked to the production BOM.