Production journals, which accounting accounts needs?

Hi everybody! Does anybody has a document or can explain to me the logic of which accounting accounts needs to be assigned to the different production journals and where? Which debit and credit accounts needs to be assigned, to which movements… I think I know where is the menu to assign them in AX, but I don’t know the “type” of account needed? Many thanks!!

There is no document like this.

Essentially the item will drive the component usage, the labour elements depend upon the parameters and the indirects are individually assigned. Basically you will put the labour into a labour offset and the other to the stock as this is the WIP of the finished product. the costing of labour would then be labour recovered once ended with the WIP being reversed.

All I can say is you need to set it up, track the postings at each stage and talk to an accountant.

Thanks AdamRoue