Production Journal


I want to import production journal from excel to ax through x++ coding.

May I know the steps how to do tat?

Thanks in advance.

Which journal you are trying to import (picking list/RAF/Route)?
What steps you are expecting as you are importing them using x++?

For RAF.

I need the code to import the excel file into ax…
Thanks, Kranthi.

You need to insert data in ProdJournalTable and ProdJournalProd.
Have a look at Class\ProdJournalCreateProd and also see the below reference,…/x-code-to-create-production-report-as.html

Tat blog is for creating a production right?

So If i need importing the data from excel file in to ax I need to insert the data, Am I correct?

That is for creating a RAF journal. You should already be having a production order in AX before importing/creating a RAF journal .