Production Journal

How is it used? Right now we are posting production using the backward flush meathod.

Using this option Backward Navision will automatically post consumption. Afterwards you can also add more consumption using consumption journal.

Thanks. I understand that part, but what would the production journal do as opposed to just changing the status of the production order from Released to Finished.

Just a correction. You should read making consumption and them releasing orders.
You can’t make consumption after a order is closed.

Prior to the introduction of the production journal you had to post the consumption and output in two separate journals relating them each to the production order. With the production journal you get one place where the output and consumption can be reported at the same time. It maybe that BOMs have mixed flushing methods, but if you always back flush the production journal adds nothing to the process except being available directly from the production order. In fact it offers less funcitonality arguably as it will always suggest you consume the expected quantity, whilst the separate consumption journal can be run in the same manner, or consume the stock based upon the actual current reported output. It is simply an alternative to the previous historical procedures.