production journal validation

can someone please suggest me about setting a validation on production journal

That when I open the productional if the RPO has no component it should give an error and should not open the productional journal. else it should be working accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

On the Released prod. order subpage there is a function which opens up the production journal. In there you have to add your code something like below

prodline.setrange(“prod. order no.”,“no.”);
if prodline.findset then begin
prodcomp.setrange(“prod. order no.”,prodline.“prod. order no.”);
prodcomp.setrange(“prod. order line no.”,prodline.“line no.”);
if not prodcomp.find(’-’) then
error(‘Prod. order component cannot be blank for prod. order no. %1 line no. %2’,prodline.“prod. order no.”,prodline.“line no.”)
until = 0;