Production Inventory GL

I’m having an issue following what is or isn’t suppose to happen. Lets say I have $100 of raw material(Item# RAW123). With that I can make 10 gallon jugs of SuperX (Item# 123). So I have a production BOM setup on that item card 123 with a production BOM of RAW123. I also have a routing setup that will add $3 to the cost of the product. So before I begin, this is what my GL looks like

Inventory: $0

Raw Inventory: $100

I do a production of one of these items and my GL doesn’t change. I would think it should change to this:

Inventory: $13

Raw Inventory: $90

I’m guessing this is a posting group problem. Would it be an inventory posting group? Or the general posting group?

All I see in the details of the GL entries is in and out entries equaling the same thing. The item card shows the right cost of $13 though so it is taking the BOM and the routing into effect. Also if I look at the item card for RAW123, it shows I have $90 worth. I know I did it in dollars, but it works out in the correct UOM.

Can someone help me understand what I’m doing wrong or where my thinking is wrong? Thanks.


Am I just thinking about this wrong?

Have you finished the production order and run “Adjust Cost”?

Yes :frowning:

awhile ago we had our rep do a mod that allowed us to transfer items into the negative. Well that caused all kids of GL problems and we had them roll that back. Do you think there are still remnants of that left in our system that could be causing this issue? What CU would I look in?