Production error.


When we try to create Production order following error occurs

"Inventory dimension Warehouse is mandatory and must consequently be specified."

**"**Update has been canceled."

We had the following Dimension Setup for both BOMitem and BOMlineItem,

We had no route and operation for production.



Hi Ram,

The erorror is due to not specifying the Warehouse in the Production order Details form or in Create Production Order form.

Since as per the Screenshot given, the Warehouse is marked as Active, Mandatory and Primary stocking in the Inventory Dimensions form of the Inventory management module form.

When the above said check box marked, the Warehouse has to be specified in the Inventory transactions(for example - Production order creation etc.,)

Thanks and regards,

D. Praveen Kumar.

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for reply .I had specified Warehouse in ProdTablecreate form.Still i am getting the same ERROR.We are not using BOM versions also.




I resolved it by having a BOM version and specifying the Warehouse in the BOM lines of it.



You either fill it in on the line or set the work centre consumption and have the production order drive this from the persepective of the consumption.